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What is ItchStick made of?

Bees wax, Olive oil, and Vitamin E. Then we infuse wild foraged plants.

What plants?

The mix of plants and herbs is proprietary and what sets ItchStick apart from all other itch products on the market. All we can tell you is there are no known allergens in the plants we use.

Does ItchStick really work?


We never intended on selling it. We made it for over 6 years for friends and family before we ever sold it to the public. People loved it so much; we were making hundreds at a time just for friends and family.

Why is your itch remedy better than what I can already get over the counter or through a doctor?

Our product is all natural. It is safe for kids, babies, and dogs. There are no steroids, which can thin the skin over time and make issues worse. Unlike After-bite, that stings when you apply it, ItchStick won’t sting when you put it on. ItchStick is also scent-free Which is quite nice.

What does it smell like?

ItchStick doesn't smell like much of anything. If you try really hard, you can smell the olive oil. But otherwise, ItchStick is scent-free. Which is quite nice.

Does ItchStick sting when you apply it on an open wound?

No. It is very soothing, even on raw, open skin.

Is it safe for my pet?

We know it is safe for dogs. The owners’ English Setter uses his all the time. He’s eaten a few too, and he’s just fine. There is nothing in it that can hurt your dog. With cats, it’s a little different. For the most part it is just fine for them. However, it can be very rare that a cat has an allergy to olive oil, and it does contain olive oil.

Does the Dry Skin Stick help with eczema and psoriasis?

Yes. It will definitely help with the itch of those issues. We have been
told by our customers that if they use it 2-4 times a day on their affected areas, their issues improve significantly.

My son’s eczema cleared up after using it for about 5 weeks consistently and he hasn’t needed it again since.

How is a bug bite stick good on diaper rash?

The base of bee’s wax, olive oil, and vitamin E are very good for the skin. The plants we use counter the irritation of diaper rash. In fact, we haven’t found an itchy rash that ItchStick can’t help.

Where are you located?

The business is in Cambridge, MN.

Can I use ItchStick as lip balm for chapped lips?

We don’t recommend you use ItchStick on chapped lips. But it won’t hurt you if you accidentally do.

How can I find you again?

Our website:

Or on Facebook under ItchStick.

We post our upcoming shows on Facebook.

The website address is on the stick.