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Our story began in 2016, when I needed something to help my poison ivy so I could go to work. I knew of some plants to treat it, but I needed a convenient way to apply it. Clint, my significant other, tried to make me a salve and screwed it up. He made it way too hard. Not wanting to waste the almost $50 we had invested into making it, he purchased some empty lip balm tubes from Michaels. We filled them up and the ItchStick was born!

We ended up with way too much, so we shared it with some friends and family. After about six and a half years, we were making hundreds at a time just to cover the requests made by friends and family. We decided to start selling to the public, because not only did it do wonders on poison ivy, but we learned that our ItchStick helps relieve almost any itch or sting. It is safe for kids, babies, and dogs! Then, to help my son’s eczema, we developed the ItchStick Chronic Dry Skin. Used consistently, this product has amazing results for chronic dry skin and other issues such as eczema and psoriasis!

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We start with a base of high quality bees wax, olive oil and vitamin E. Then we add plants and herbs that we forage locally in Minnesota. These plants are the secret sauce that make ItchStick the best itch relief product on the market. ALL of our ingredients are know to be allergen free and safe for humans and dogs.

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