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100% Natural ItchStick Wide Bug Bite and Skin Care Relief Stick .5 oz

100% Natural ItchStick Wide Bug Bite and Skin Care Relief Stick .5 oz

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You said you wanted a larger size and we listened! Introducing 100% Natural Itchstick Wide! Same Great ItchStick in a new larger option!

Are you tired of retreating to the house or cabin because of Mosquitos, Flies, and other pesky Bugs? Tired of effect of poison ivy, oak, and sumac?  Diaper Rash and bug bites Making your infant or toddler miserable? NO MORE!!!! ItchStick is a 100% Natural Bug Bite and Skin after care relief product. No Chemicals! No Strong Odors! No Burning when applied! ItchStick is nontoxic and safe around your kids and pets! Instantly relieves the itch from mosquito bites and many other outdoor skin irritants. Quickly reduces swelling from bug bites and other irritants. Works Great on Diaper Rash too!! Brought to you in a convenient .15oz  tube. Great for your Tackle box, Golf bag, Diaper Bag, Purse, and more. Convenient to bring to the cabin, sporting events, or day in the outdoors! Time to take the outdoors Back! ItchStick is a must have for anyone who is active in the outdoors! Don't miss this opportunity to get FAST relief today!

Fast relief from:


Poison Ivy, Oak, and Sumac

Swimmers Itch

Chigers and No See-ums


Fly, Spider, and Other Bug Bites


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